Sunday, April 5, 2020

WIGOP leaders launch new front in virus game aimed at Evers

Not content with forcing many voters to the polls Tuesday and risking exposure to, or spreading of, the Covid-19 virus, the Legislature's GOP leaders

and Senior Death Cult practitioners had a new fake proposal which is only aimed at trying to box in Gov. Evers and make him appear somehow anti-religion:
Wisconsin governor denies Republicans' request to allow in-person Easter and Passover services during coronavirus pandemic 
Physicians are telling state leaders that opening polls for voting on Tuesday will only boost the disease spread whose surge is coming.
Milwaukee physicians urge WI officials to postpone April 7th voting
Imagine adding in an untold number of additional new cases transmitted in hundreds, of not thousands of Wisconsin houses worship, then beyond. 

Attention Fitzgerald and Vos: the CDC website you've been routinely promoting on your Twitter accounts posted this still-true, hasn't-been-more-clear fact in January. What can't you get about it?
CDC Confirms Person-to-Person Spread of New Coronavirus in the United States

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