Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The sorry state of affairs the State of Wisconsin shows its voters, the world

Neil Albrecht, model public servant and exec. dir. of Milwaukee's Election Commission - - 

City of Milwaukee
- - has the quote of the day:
"We have moved forward with an election, but we have not moved forward with democracy in the state of Wisconsin," he said.
This is what he's talking about, as The Washington Post held up Wisconsin as the poster state for a sad, stupid state of affairs:
Long lines, anger and fear of infection: Wisconsin proceeds with elections under court order
Hundreds of voters stood in lines that stretched for blocks in several Wisconsin cities Tuesday to cast their ballots amid fears of the coronavirus, a chaotic start to elections in a state that went forward only after last-minute legal battles. 
The scenes at the polls in Milwaukee — which was able to open only five polling locations, down from 180 — underscored the nearly unprecedented challenge facing election administrators one day after Democratic Gov. Tony Evers sought to suspend in-person voting in light of the covid-19 pandemic, an order that was quickly reversed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. 


nonquixote said...

Thanks James,

I tend to think that Evers' delay in taking the action to reschedule the election was a necessary and calculated approach on the chance that the SCOWI would not have had time to challenge the his order.

There is no way that the GOP was going to let it happen, however. The legal opinions from the SCOWI were ready well ahead of time to be air-dropped in on a moment's notice.

Sadly I also don't think the DNC was ever genuinely in favor of any election delay as they have been fighting Sanders' nomination twice as hard as they've ever challenged any Republican running for office. Get Bernie out quick was also paramount to them. This is the old guard corporatist and oligarchs not wanting any change to the status quo of privileged rule excluding the needs of we the people.

Staying safe as we can here.

Anonymous said...

Forcing in-person voting to occur today is a BIG Win for every Republican politician in Wisconsin. Corrupt Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly is assured election to a full 10 year term as many voters in Democratic voting cities will not risk their health to exercise their right to vote.

As seen from the pictures of long lines of literally thousands of people lined up to vote in one of only 5 polling places in the city of Milwaukee, potentially spreading Covid-19 to thousands of people, primarily people of color.

Republicans like Vos, Fitzgerald, and the CORRUPT right wing justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court could care less about the health impacts to these voters, especially when the people who will get infected and perhaps die will be disproportionately minority community members.

Anonymous said...

The message sent by the Republican party of WI, the SCOWI, and the SCOTUS to the voters of Wisconsin, Left and Right, was clear: You don't matter. You are less than. You have no worth.