Saturday, April 4, 2020

A dismissive Vos declares in-person voting 'safe.' Says poll work beats boring TV.

5:00 p.m. update: The GOP-Legislature adjourned within seconds Saturday afternoon without any consideration of Evers' plan to make the election an absentee-voting only event. We're either going to see a last-ditch effort by Evers to move the 4/7 date of the election because the public health risks, or in-person voting will continue at the polls April 7th despite the obvious risks to voters and poll worker safety. Stay tuned. 
When the sad and costly and painful history of the Covid-19 pandemic in Wisconsin is written, let's hope that no other public official had laid claim to entire wing in the State's Hall of Hatred and Shame by using his stature, media access, and taxpayer-provided safe haven - - along with all the powers which attach to the position of Speaker of the Assembly - - to dismiss the legitimate fears of residents and officials in Milwaukee - - the city with the largest number of low-income and minority residents statewide that is also contending with the most brutal Covid-19 outbreak in the state.

* The ultra-partisan Robin Vos, (R-Rochester), had initiated a line of ignorant, 

uninformed and insulting callousness this week by declaring in-person polling places "safe" - - without offering any evidence - - because there is none - - which is why people have been repeatedly urged, even begged for weeks, to shelter at home by responsible officials and disease transmission experts because that is the only way slow the spread of this unprecedented pandemic.

Which, current data show, has created more positive Covid-19 diagnoses and deaths in the city and county of Milwaukee than anywhere else in the state.

And, yet, Vos went even further, having tweeting that it would be entertaining to put one's self into an objectively risky polling place next Tuesday, because, hey, it beats watching TV - - as if that's what scores of thousands of stay-at-home-work-at-home-caregive-at-home-home-school-the-kids-at-home-as-their jobs-and-savings-disappear-at-home Milwaukee adults are doing:
Earlier this week, Vos declared the polls safe and said he planned to work at one. “If you’re bored at home and you’re sick of watching Netflix, volunteer to go and help at the polls," he quipped.
And why is it that Wisconsin Republicans always have at the ready for others an inflammatory, resentment-triggering insult about moral foundation and principled drive which the GOP manipulatively promotes as its own special province:
In the final month and a half of the [2014] campaign, Gov. Scott Walker is making a blunt promise to voters — that he'll ensure jobless workers aren't on drugs, or their recliners. 
"My belief is we shouldn't be paying for them to sit on the couch, watching TV or playing Xbox," Walker told cheering Republican campaign volunteers last week in West Bend. 
* On Saturday, Vos extended his dismissiveness to the safety of Milwaukee election officials by tweeting on Saturday that their health concerns were fabricated:
Milwaukee could easily use city staff to open polling places like many other municipalities are doing in addition to their poll workers. Gov Evers has also offered the National Guard. It appears they want problems instead of an actual solution.


Unknown said...

This statement by Robin Vos proves he is a souless, power mad, Trump lapdog who is a disgrace to Wisconsin. If poll workers in Wisconsin die of coronavirus the blood will be on his hands.

Anonymous said...

Is'nt that pre-medicated harm?

Anonymous said...

Its Jim Crow all over again. Disinfranchise African American voters, hard hit by this virus and who are not mobile, and you have limited your competition. Disgusting!

Katrina said...

My son is in MKE. He says COVID-19 is everywhere. I can't imagine what it will be like by Tuesday.

Unknown said...

If Bod and his partner Fitzfuc#les think it's safe to work the polls why don't they pull up a chair and start checking I.D's without a mask.

BradG said...

Scott Fitzgerald:
How many lives are worth sacrificing to quench your thirst for power?

Anonymous said...

From April 3, Newsweek - our president's view of in person voting vs. mail in. Stay safe and vote absentee. A poll worker who will not be working this election

"You should have a picture for voting," Trump said. "It should be called Voter ID, they should have that. And it shouldn't mail-in voting, it should be you go to a booth and you proudly display yourself."
"You don't send it in the mail, where people pick up all sorts of bad things can happen, by the time they signed that, if they signed that, if they signed that, by the time it gets in and is tabulated, no," Trump continued. "It shouldn't be mailed in, you should vote at the booth, and you should have Voter ID. Because when you have Voter ID, that's the real deal."

Anonymous said...

This seems desperate even for the WI GOP. Let's hope it means that Kelly is in trouble. Let's hope that somehow this election is postponed and no one dies because they wanted to vote.

SmokeeZee said...

Scott Fitzgerald and Robin Vos are cancers to a domcratic democracy!
Our state is lost......

Big Ten Sports Clubs said...

It is unbelievable add each senator that voted for that should be held accountable for anyone that dies. A proves to me that he has no care for anyone that wants the ability to vote and he doesn't care if people die if they go to the polls. He simply don't care about the American people his own constituents.

Anonymous said...

I will vote even if it means I die. Vos and Fitz must go. NOW.