Saturday, April 25, 2020

Crossed fingers - and others - point to pandemic's unnecessarily-expanding toll

I think we can put our finger on the problem:

The Washington Post says some Governors will 'cross their fingers' and hope they aren't moving too quickly to reopen their states' nail salons, restaurants and bowling alleys:
After shutting down much of American life in March and keeping people home throughout April, governors are preparing to lift restrictions as the calendar turns to May — and cross their fingers that the novel coronavirus doesn’t come roaring back.
Wisconsin is taking a related 'digital' approach.

Its Republican legislators flipped off science in a rush to win judicial permission to reopen the state, having asked the same State Supreme Court that already gave the finger to voters 
now turning up with Covid-19 after being forced by the high court to cast ballots when it wasn't safe. 
40 Coronavirus Cases In Milwaukee County Linked To Wisconsin Election, Health Official Says


Anonymous said...

Jesus take the wheel!

These rebiblican governors aren't fit to be driving.

Anonymous said...

Very clever article. I am putting my hands (and all 10 fingers) together to applaud this.