Monday, April 6, 2020

Is plethora of out-of-Milwaukee polling places a sign of over-confidence?

I don't know how many polling places that Milwaukee-area suburbs and municipalities normally open in a spring election, but is appears that the locales in this list like Mequon, West Allis and Brookfield - - operating as many or even more than the five polling places Milwaukee is staffing tomorrow - - must have a lot of confidence that they can do so safely. 

Flag of Wisconsin

Obviously the non-City of Milwaukee polling places should see fewer voters than are projected to appear at the city's sites, but I wonder if the concentration of known Covid-19 positive test results and reported fatalities in the city - - so far - - has given some non-city municipalities or their poll workers a false sense of immunity.

Bottom line is that no Wisconsin voter should have been put in the position of casting an in-person ballot Tuesday while an invisible epidemic is on the loose.

Wishing everyone well, which we know the highest courts in Wisconsin and Washington, DC - - along with Wisconsin's GOP legislative 'leaders' - did not.

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