Wednesday, April 22, 2020

'Open-now' ignores power of virus tracked to WI from 1st west coast infection

Anyone urging that the Wisconsin be reopened despite continuing Covid-19 cases and deaths 
Brookfield, WI over the weekend
might want to read at least these lines in a detailed NY Times report and note that the first unintentional transmission of the virus in the US has spread to six countries and 14 US states, including Wisconsin.
But of all the branches that researchers have found, the strain from Washington State remains the earliest and one of the most potent.  
It has surfaced in Arizona, California, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming, and in six countries. 
And new cases are still surfacing.
That's how predictably virulent is this invisible and deadly disease.

And why Wisconsin's Covid-19 tally of more than 4,400 reported cases is rated as "widespread" by the CDC's tracking website.

Ginned-up rallies that disregard what we already know while putting people - - including bystanders, first-responders and hospital workers - - at risk are dangerous and irresponsible.

Politicians who would use this pandemic as yet another partisan power grab are underestimating the virus's greater power:
The 'leaders' of Wisconsin's GOP Legislature Death Cult - - Cap Times editor emeritus had called them "ghouls" - - asked the State Supreme Court Tuesday to reject Gov. Evers' extended emergency "Safer-at-Home' order in part because..."positive COVID cases decrease or remain flat."
Yeah, it's all about sanitized algorithms and bloodless numbers for one-dimensional political junkies to whom political power gaming is their always-on-taxpayer-paid ventilator.
As these GOP 'leaders' play their latest version of 'Tarnish Tony,' let's remember that there are thousands of Wisconsin names, faces, friends and families - - along with countless more thousands of front-line medical personnel and first responders - - who are suffering and in harm's way or grieving along side every positive and tragic Covid-19 case.

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Anonymous said...

One of the most astounding bits of disconnect is the cheering of the MAGATS for an immigration ban because they say it's needed to keep infection and potential infection out of the US (aka a particular geographic area) but they would certainly scream if Wisconsin and Illinois, for example, told the governor of Georgia that all people from Georgia are banned from entering our states (aka a particular geographic area) because we don't want their infected and potentially infectious people coming here. The media seems to have a hard time seeing this also since there is not a word from them along this line that I've heard. Of course in a legal sense there are constitutional questions but the point is how do they say a line of reasoning is justified in one case but then claim it's no good when it's applied in precisely the same way but now affects them? We all know the answer but it would just be refreshing to see someone in the media who was quick enough on their feet to throw it back at them in real time when garbage like this falls from the mouths of the leaders of the country.