Monday, September 21, 2015

Walker still WI Governor, will fill sudden WI Supreme Court vacancy

Walker may be leaving the presidential race, but he's still Governor of the state where he's wrecked havoc with the environment, clean air, water rights, health care, women's rights, middle-class wages, minimum wages, collective bargaining and education for more than four years - -  and now, to underscore his continuing home state power, Walker will no doubt deepen the right's stranglehold on the State Supreme Court by elevating a conservative ideologue to the vacancy on the State Supreme Court after the surprising death today of incumbent Justice N. Patrick Crooks.

Crooks had announced he would not run for re-election next April and his term was to expire in August.

So all the policy issues here remain the same, and perhaps arguably worse - - as I predict some resurgence for Walker in the state polls on his return, assuming that he announces momentarily his campaign's effective end - - a strategically-solid move. 


Anonymous said...

God help us.

Jan said...

You are no doubt spot on. I can only hope that strong candidates to counter the further nazification of the formerly great state of Wisconsin will contend for the seat in the April 2016 election, because while Walker can appoint, it's only until the next upcoming election for that seat.

Anonymous said...

We're in for big trouble. He's mad as hell that he was rejected nationally. He will use the next 3+ years to enhance his conservative credentials by imposing every far right wing ALEC sponsored policy and legislation on us with his eye on the 2020 presidential race or a congressional race in between. We know Walker cares nothing about the public's needs only his own political future. With total control over all government in Wisconsin including the Supreme Court and a compliant legislature he will promote every conservative ideological issue that the Kochs and Adellson want. He will use Wisconsin to position himself for future political ambition and he will punish the working and middle class using his take no prisoners approach. He will declare war on any agency [GAB] that he finds objectionable and he will set his sights on destroying public education and the DPI. Any agency or individual that doesn't comply he will defeat legislatively or he will starve it to death via the budget. He is a vindictive corrupt little man whom has so much power that he can destroy anything in his way!. The only way to stop him is to humiliate and embarrass him via organized protests that draw national attention to his leadership failures or to make a frontal attack by getting the John Doe records in to the light of day for all of Wisconsin to see his abuse of power. Some how Doe needs to get to the U S Supreme Court or to the Dept. of Justice. This man's vendetta spells even bigger trouble for our environment, education and economy!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 7:04.

Sounds like a great plan... let's hope he follows through with it.

my5cents said...

I am not so sure Walker's mad as hell, but he might be mad as hell at Trump for spoiling his plans and wrecking his strategy. We can hope that he will get a high paying private sector job offer too good to turn down and resign, but I wouldn't count on it. Wishful thinking, except that I don't think having a former reporter as governor sounds so great either. Not to mention the fact that her right-wing husband would hold great influence over what she would do as governor. You know how some of those evangelicals expect their wives to "obey" and bow to their every order and whim.

They will get rid of the GAB, load the state Supreme Court with more right-wingers, get rid of any opposing department in State Government, and run a dictatorship in Wisconsin. They will let Koch Industries run rampant over Wisconsin's environment and will destroy the state. Looks like we might all be moving somewhere else. The only alternative is to begin voting out Walker's buddies in the Legislature. That's now the only way to stop his radical ideas.

They will do whatever is on the ALEC agenda to do. They have to. Every time they have an original thought, it never works out for them. The only way they can govern is by the ALEC list of things to do. Once they succeed in dumbing-down all of the current school children, the country is in serious trouble.

Jonathan Swift said...

God to Walker: Noah, I mean Scotty, Build an ark one hundred and eighty cubits long and gather two of every wingnut, I mean beast, a male and female thereof. No gay beasts please. For I shall bring down a flood of money onto you and drowned the poor.
Scotty to God: Whats an ark?
God to Scotty: A big boat. Don't you ever pay attention when you do a photo op at church?
Scotty to God: Okie-dokie.

Ten weeks later.

God to Scotty: GOTCHA!!

On the bright side for Scotty his DNR won't notice the great pile of dung the beasts, I mean wingnuts have left behind for others to clean up.