Saturday, September 12, 2015

DNR/'justice' tag team lifts cap on mega-dairy

So it's been decided that Wisconsin isn't going to regulate to ensure water quality for people if the size of a dairy herd is the issue, even though a judge had looked at the Kewaunee dairy and the water quality problems linked to it and had looked at the case and cited the DNR for a massive drinking water regulatory failure.

The DNR/DOJ position would also seem to blow a hole in separate efforts, like this one to keep a Vilas County lake in Northern Wisconsin from being turned into a bottled water source for export.

And big agricultural groundwater users are going to escape more DNR oversight, if GOP legislators get their way, further eroding the DNR's public mission and ensuring an adequate supply downstream, as guaranteed, we thought, by the Ninth Amendment to the quaint old Wisconsin State Constitution.

The issue is acknowledging the importance of water usage's "cumulative effects," since the water belongs to all the people, including those near the dairy in Kewaunee.

And the other, so-called CAFO's in Wisconsin.

But the new Wisconsin Idea is that the borders of the private sector are the borders of the state.

So get ready for the huge pig farm the DNR is 'reviewing' up north, too.

Clean water for people in Wisconsin is so yesterday - - but the endless ironies in Walker's "chamber-of-commerce mentality" DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp's partisan whine about others denying her a level playing field are always up-to-date:

It's always the fine print in these things that have the heaviest hit. 

Just another example of the democrats game plan: Change the Rules to Fit the Players.

Shout it with me, now: HYPOCRISY, THY NAME IS DEMOCRAT.
But the news about policy-making and insensitive bureaucrats is not all bad: Stepp has noted that yes, while her agency will now allow the dairy herd in question to grow by thousands of manure-producing animals, she does recognize the  "challenges" it creates.

Shout it with me now...

This mess has been years in the making, and will take generations to undo, if ever, since they're not making much new water these days as the land which supports it is trashed and toxified. 


Anonymous said...

I wonder what this means for Kewaunee County and all the work citizens groups have been doing with DNR, DATCP and other agencies to stop contamination.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what it means for the entire state of Wisconsin. How is it possible that every other citizen in Wisconsin's being ignored and forgotten so that a few can reap all the benefits while the rest have to suffer the dire consequences.