Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Obama's climate change tour is important step

If the rapid retreat of the Exit Glacier in Alaska pointed out by President Obama before he visits US villages already and their citizens being swamped by rising seas can't accelerate climate change action, nothing will.

Except, perhaps, the trip to the US later this month by Pope Francis, probably the planet's most staunch defender.

And Wisconsin will need a top-to-bottom change in policy-makers and policy-making if it is to ever catch up to reality.


mad as hell said...

Please justify to me Mr. Rowen, Obama's approval on Shell Oil's deep well drilling platform move to the arctic ocean and tell me what kind of step that is?

James Rowen said...

I am not happy about that, either. There are probably geopolitical justifications - - competition with the Russians, and an awareness by the Obama administration that, given his opposition to Keystone, and support for wind and solar, it cannot be against all oil production. But I am not happy about it.