Monday, September 7, 2015

State aims big government at Madison's East side

Citizens and officials at the grassroots are working hard to make sure the band of small government phonies currently running Wisconsin government doesn't screw up the demolition of a very big and very old and potentially-pollutant laden state-owned storage facility on Madison's near East side homes, businesses and the Yahara River.

Note the mindset and language offered up by Cullen Werwie, a former Scott Walker campaign aide and current spokesman for the Wisconsin Department of Administration, (DOA), who's got that big government lingo down pat:
“DOA followed the appropriate process, received the necessary approvals, and is moving forward on this project. We have provided updates on the project and will continue to in the future.”
That's how the 'reformers' roll when Madison and Dane County are in their sights.

Cuz sticking it to those blue neighborhoods since 2011 feel so good.

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