Monday, September 14, 2015

WI's $7.25/min. wage = 1/3rd of small family living wage

Wisconsin is open for state-enforced poverty: Walker and the GOP legislature have refused to consider an increase in Wisconsin's relatively-minimal/minimum wage, and now a new interactive map shows that rate of pay only equals about one-third of a living wage for even a small family in Milwaukee, Dane and other Wisconsin counties.

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Anonymous said...

Minimum wage is not meant to raise a family. If you are working a minimum wage job, there is a reason. You are likely not very motivated.

Here is a life lesson...

Get a basic education, start a minimum wage job, work hard, get raises, get promotions, then start your family, then repeat: work hard, get raises, get promotions.

If you don't follow this basic plan, then you have no right to complain about a minimum wage. If you do follow this plan, you will not be concerned with a minimum wage.