Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gun range, ATV's in Baraboo conservation area plan?

The public can still push for greater conservation in the plan to restore the former Baraboo ammunition works property, but it's gratingly frustrating that the DNR in the Walker era can't or won't get these things right:
There is a heavy hand at work when land use planners at the DNR propose on/off road motorcycles through a prairie teeming with grassland birds. 
In a conservation plan that biologists have otherwise deemed stellar, the recently released draft Master Plan for the future Sauk Prairie Recreation Area proposes a multitude of activities from on/off-road motorcycles and mountain bikes to sport rocketry. A future gun range is also discussed. Really?
Your opportunity to submit public comment on the draft Master Plan ends Sept. 25. Click on the Action Alert at to send an email to the DNR. Copies of your comments will be sent to local, state and federal legislators. 
So we'll add this to a long list of locales where people at the grassroots are pressuring the state to keep its eye on the ball
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, despite its overt corporatization, is still telling the world on its website - - read and copy before it gets deleted or watered-down - - that Wisconsin's waters belong to everyone. By law.Canoeing
But time and time again, as this blog has noted for years, Wisconsinites find themselves fighting to protect their rights to water quality and quantity, access and enjoyment.

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Anonymous said...

They have been trying to do this despite the planning since Walker was elected.