Saturday, September 12, 2015

All eyes will be on this huge WEDC grant

Just saying:
Quad/Graphics Inc., which won a major new magazine printing contract this year, plans to create 500 more jobs in Wisconsin in the next few years. 
The company will be eligible to earn $15.7 million in state tax credits from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. as part of the planned expansion.
Given the bigger picture in recent focus:
Wisconsin's troubled jobs agency did not independently verify whether businesses receiving tax dollars created the jobs they promised, state auditors told a panel of lawmakers on Wednesday.  
Addressing the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, officials with the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau detailed a May audit of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. The audit found cases in which WEDC didn't comply with state law or its own policies, made awards without the proper review and didn't require confirmation that jobs were created after businesses received awards.
And this bit of fresh official, WEDC shoulder-shrugging:
Walker's signature Wisconsin job-creating agency failure doesn't have the time or the will to crack down and police itself after being caught giving public subsidies to companies sending work overseas. 
No matter that it's an old story; we're on The Big Government Real Slow Time Clock these days, Bucky. 
Or that when the WEDC was in full buzzword-and-propaganda mode, the agency used to brag about how "nimble" it was.
WEDC board puts off outsourcing issue for a month
WEDC’s mission of supporting economic development and job creation through bold initiatives aimed at propelling Wisconsin’s economy forward remains intact.  
While undergoing a complete restructuring of human resources, information technology and accounting systems as part of its transformation, WEDC has successfully created a nimble, efficient, customer-focused organization—one that is better positioned to meet the needs of businesses operating in an intensely competitive global economy than the old Wisconsin Department of Commerce.


Unknown said...

All eyes should be on the WEDC. It is full of fraud and abuse. Cash awards to Walker's donors. Horrible audits. go to filed under research for full report. Also go to for the plan by Vos and Fitzgerald to attempt to wreck havoc on the Legislative Audit Bureau to diminish its power. Trying to kill the messenger!! Have you ever gone to this website? A lot of this information needs national exposure. There is also another move being put on by Vos on the Open Records Law The ALEC members in this state need to be exposed and gotten out of office.

Unknown said...

WEDC for a report WEDC titled four years of failure go to In Addition, there is another assualt on the Legislative Audit Bureau Power grab by Repubs (this needs national media attention) Do us all a favor and expose the ALEC members in our legislature. Currently over 30 of them. They are all working against us here in Wisconsin.