Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cathy Stepp may greenlight Rube Goldberg to 'fix' Chippewa Flowage

As the Walkerites work relentlessly to turn over the Wisconsin environment to special interests, a wealthy Walker donor couple in Northern Wisconsin - - 
a wetland in May
- - keeps pushing the envelope:
A major political donor to Gov. Scott Walker wants state approval for a project designed to keep a 12-acre floating bog away from his northern Wisconsin property by permanently fastening it to the bottom of the lake. 
The plan by Richard E. Uihlein, CEO of Pleasant Prairie-based Uline Corp., is unprecedented for the sprawling Chippewa Flowage; it calls for crews to use barges, a crane and a pile driver to pound large posts through the bog and anchor it to the lake bed. 
The construction-style scale of the project, outlined in an Aug. 17 memo to the Department of Natural Resources, is raising objections on a lake that has long been known for big muskies and rugged, wooded shorelines.
Didn't North County Notebook storyteller George "Papa Hambone" Vukelich write years ago about someone who built a concrete wall at the edge of Lake Superior, or another Wisconsin body of water, convinced of the genius of the plan only to watch Mother Nature break it apart? 


Sue said...

*I bet there's some fine print in this proposal that requires the DNR to keep this thing in place once they 'anchor' it. If this goes much further someone should follow the money to be spent, not just the money proposed.
*Am I right in noticing that the JS is noting more clearly in their articles, and giving more information, when there is a link between Scott Walker and people wanting sketchy things from state government?
*Please note that this is the same family in the news last week for a nice deal to buy some citizen-owned lake frontage in another area of the state.

my5cents said...

To the Ulein's: Leave Mother Nature alone. If you don't like it then move. No one can control nature. It will chew you up and spit you out if it wants. If you don't like raw nature, move back to the city where you will have more control over it.

You city folks really piss me off. My family has lived in NW Wisconsin and I was born there (some relatives are still there). They lived a rugged lifestyle and never gave one thought to changing nature. My Father caught Muskies about 3 feet long to feed us. Man needs to leave well enough alone. If you can't adapt to wild rugged nature then you are living in the wrong place. Move.