Friday, September 11, 2015

No October surprise from predictable WI GOP legislators

As we await their partisan, spiteful demolition of the independent Government Accountability Board, and the Open Records law, too, legislative Republicans in Wisconsin will boot John Doe in favor of some self-serving Rube Goldberg legislation designed to keep investigators far from corruption allegations:
GOP lawmakers vow to limit John Doe probes in October 
And thanks to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, (WDC) for tracking another plan GOP electeds are hatching - - just as they manipulated the redistricting process, or installed water-carriers at the DNR - - to make their partisan power permanent.

Says the WDC:

Republicans Launch Power Grab Over State Agencies
Three Republicans in the state legislature have redrafted a bill that would give enormous power to the Republican leadership over major state agencies. 
Rep. David Craig, Rep. Adam Jarchow, and Sen. Stephen Nass are co-sponsoring a bill to create the Legislative Office of Inspector General. They tried something similar in June but it met with a lot of resistance, so they have redrafted the legislation.
This time it doesn’t do away with the Legislative Audit Bureau, but it does install inspectors generals in major state agencies with great authority to investigate fraud, waste, abuse, or inefficiencies.
Who will appoint these inspectors general? Republican leaders in the legislature.

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my5cents said...

But isn't that growing government bigger instead of shrinking it? What gives. I thought they were the party of small government? Of course we all know why they are doing it, as you said, not only to make their power over government agencies permanent, but to also prevent them from ever having to be accountable to the people who elected them. Lastly, where will they get the money to pay for these high salary jobs? More cuts to education and colleges? Or, cuts to senior assistance programs or food share?