Friday, September 4, 2015

Walker aimed at Madison, WI's bright spot

I've noted before that Walker's partisan and right-wing, anti-city ideology - - visible from the Amtrak disconnect to Act 10 to the attack on the Madison-based UW system and Wisconsin Idea - - had intentionally undermined Madison's economy and appeal despite its being the brightest spot in a desultory state performance that is again catalogued in out-migration data for all to see.

The data show that the migration pattern is stubborn, but I've seen nothing from Walker as Governor that shows any success in turning it around.


Anonymous said...


Is there any intention on Walker's part to desire to turn it around? He has a complete absence of care and concern for anyone except long as he's there, he doesn't care whether or not anyone else is there, is gone, is hurt, is helped...just totally apathetic (and worse)!

Anonymous said...

A good campaign introduces a candidate and his best ideas to sympathetic and like-minded voters through a combination of events, press coverage and paid outreach, allowing him or her to attract campaign donations and new supporters alike. A bad campaign forces a candidate to get on the phone to reassure his existing donors that he exists and is going to abandon the “sinking into obscurity” tactic that hadn’t been working. A truly terrible campaign is at hand when the most widely-reported news story is the candidate’s old claim that his bald spot totally isn’t genetic but comes from banging his head against the underside of a cabinet.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:12

You are entirely missing the point -- the media is not reporting on the truth about Scott Walker. His old claim about the bald spot? Yes, proof of his foolishness -- but also irrelevant in any other way. The media, if it existed to inform (and it doesn't) could have made Scott Walker's most widely-reported story something that was about the criminality behind his ascent to power, his divide-and-conquer politics, and/or his contant pandering to billionaires that do not support the very idea of a democracy.

Scott Walker got off pretty easy and no one leads the propaganda machine more than Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. They print pro-Walker propaganda and bold-faced lies daily. The most outrageous example I saw this week were 2 side-by-side headline stories on the front page (I didn't nor never would buy this paper -- you shouldn't either!).

On the right was a bogus trumped-up story about Clinton's emails. On the left was Scotty drinking a beer with the headline that he was just an "average" guy who drinks beer and rides a Harley.

No one should, even with the falling polling numbers, assume that Walker cannot be catapulted into the White House. Given there are so many candidates, all of the polls now have margins of error of 5 or more points. No one can actually interpret recent poll as him falling behind anyone other than Trump and Carson. People that should know better, including that Guardian writer, are misrepresenting point estimates of his support and not telling the truth: He could actually have significantly higher support.

Anonymous said...

He could build a wall to keep them in.

Anonymous said...

"He could build a wall to keep them in."

And it could be called West Bermadisonlin.