Tuesday, September 22, 2015

About Wisconsin '16, '17, '18....

Looking ahead - - and regardless of whether Gov. Scott Walker serves another week, month or full term - - Robin Vos and Rebecca Kleefisch are waiting in the wings with organization and resources and echo-chamber supports, and an overwhelming GOP/conservative/anti-urban majority in the State Assembly (plus a lesser but real advantage in the State Senate), and a Wisconsin Supreme Court directed by corporate power with perhaps another right-winger about to get an early appointment, but progressives in Wisconsin are not united around an articulated and organized set of principles and goals though the elements and needs for such an agenda are all there - - broader health care, full women's rights, better transit, livable wages, unobstructed voting rights, an unimpeded Wisconsin Idea, guaranteed cleaner water and air, and more.


Anonymous said...

Well said, JR. We have good people in the Democratic Party and now is the time for them to step forward.

Anonymous said...

Yes, another fine post.

I am no Democrat, but Walker would have gained no traction in this state with a decent opponent. He is just not that good of a politician. But that in itself shows how complacent the "progressive" movement in this state has become.

A quality candidate could have squashed him. The Democrats got lazy. Their bench is too short, and the Right, supported by a TON of outside money in the last decade in this state, was more hungry. As much as Walker screwed up his own world ("give him enough rope"), much of the current fiasco in this State rests on the ineptitude of Wisconsin's left-leaning politicos.

1) All of this goes to show why you NEED an opponent--one-party rule stinks, and rubbing out an opponent only makes you worse;

2) James Rowen runs one of the best sites in this state.

Anonymous said...

The party has to play both the long game and the short game well at the same time to win and stay winning.

Long game= win local elections to develop candidates and ground assets for future campaigns.

Short game= pick and properly finance and support good candidates for all races.

Anonymous said...

I think the majority of voters have left both camps and are looking for an no longer want to be under an umbrella.

Anonymous said...

Walker shot his load in a national spot light. He wants to crush all government unions. But here in Wisconsin, he turned his back on private sector unions too. There is no doubt his other dream political accomplishment is to repeal Beacon-Davis.

No other presidential candidate fell from grace faster, or harder than Walker. But his ideology isn't finished in Wisconsin yet. Walker has not thrown Act 10 at the police and firefighters unions - yet. Neither has talk radio promoted the agenda, nor Robin Voss beat the drum.

Certainly, there's a heightened level of observed hypocracy. They deserved to be called out for having the weak spine. And Walker needs a reality check if thinks he's electable to a third term.

Beyond that, Putin has to be so disappointed Walker dropped out.