Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Senior political appointee quits WI DNR

There's even less there, there, at the once proud WI DNR than we'd thought:

Mike Bruhn is one of Walker's top at-will appointees, so it's not just career scientists (two examples) or discouraged public servants pulling the plug.

Or being moved, as the former and ultra-powerful Deputy Secretary Matt Moroney was transferred to Walker's personal staff, Bruhn's predecessor and former legislative boss Scott "Gundy" Gunderson had been moved to the Department of Revenue, and DNR spokesman Bill Cosh was moved to Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection.

That's approaching WEDC turnover levels.

Bruhn's bio is still on the agency's website:

Michael is a 1997 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Michael spent more than thirteen years working in the Wisconsin State Assembly clerking the Assembly Natural Resources Committee. 
He has many years of experience handling legislative issues related to hunting and fishing, environmental quality, firearms and the state budget. 
Michael joined the DNR in July 2011 as the department’s legislative liaison. In September 2014, Michael was named as the department’s director of policy and external relations where he was responsible for coordinating and managing the department’s policy development and relations with external partners and stakeholders. 
His duties include supervising the DNR’s Office of Communications, tribal liaison, and legislative liaison. On February 9, Governor Walker appointed Michael as the department’s assistant deputy secretary. 
In his free time, Michael is a huge Badger, Packer and Brewer fan. He enjoys riding ATVs and hiking. With the excitement surrounding the implementation of the Deer Trustee Report, Michael has recently taken up deer hunting.Last revised: Wednesday March 25 2015


Boxer said...

Good gravy! He's excited by the Deer Trustee Report? This poor fellow is operating at Deficit Excitement levels heretofore unseen. After Dear Leader gave bags of Wisconsin taxpayer cash to a Texas private game farm advocate to recommend . . . . wait for it . . . more game farm hunting! for Wisconsin, the "report" landed on Wisconsin's bullet and crossbow crowd with the lead balloon reception it well deserved. Buhn must have borrowed some Texas-sized, or at least Texas-style, cajones to put that statement up on the DNR website. The equivalent of a target captioned: Don't Shoot At This.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance. I've never encountered a DNR leader with less regard for his employees and for the mission.

Anonymous said...

Wait until you meet Jim Dick!