Monday, September 7, 2015

Controversial Lake MI golf course plan gets major media

[Updated] Very happy to see this detailed piece in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about a proposed golf course near Sheboygan that would take dozens of acres of wetlands along Lake Michigan, even some state park acreage for another high-end golf course.

Activists there intent on preserving the site and its surrounding unspoiled beauty - - which includes at least one Indian mound -- and an already impaired river that won't do well with development all around - - invited me to the area last year and I have posted numerous items since then - - another sample - - which catalogue their publicly-spirited David vs. Goliath efforts.

As Wisconsin government becomes more overtly obeisant towards donors and development - - resulting in phosphorous pollution and livestock manure runoff and diminished investigation and enforcement - - the importance of citizen action becomes paramount to protect the public interest.

Which, in Wisconsin by law, court-tuling and state constitutional mandate includes access to and enjoyment of all the waters of the state.

So kudos to Friends of the Black River Forest, lovers of Kohler-Andrae State Park and others trying to keep that stretch of Lake Michigan and its beaches near Sheboygan as pleasant and open as possible for all the people of the state to enjoy.

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