Friday, September 18, 2015

More developments in mega-dairy/water law WI coup

I've been posting recently about the WI DNR's regression on the protection of public water rights in the state, - - more here, too - - so I appreciate the MalContends blog in Madison for advancing this unbelievable story:

State regulators are enabling groundwater contamination - - in a state where all the water belongs to the public - - despite a judge's order which both the DNR and DOJ refuse to honor.

DNR Secretary Stepp reduces the disgusting and hazardous pollution near the dairy in question to "some water quality challenges."
"We realize areas in the northeastern part of the state are experiencing some water quality challenges and we at the DNR are doing what is within the confines of current law to address the situation.
Law and disorder, but drink up!

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Anonymous said...

Actually DNR is operating within the confines of their interpretation of the law which appears to be at odds with the historical intentions of the laws when written and when subsequently interpreted by the judicial branch.