Thursday, April 3, 2014

WI Not Confronting Climate Change, Though Bakeries Are Slammed

Citing yet another powerful United Nations scientific report, The Journal Sentinel - - Wisconsin's largest newspaper - - published a strong editorial Wednesday urging governments to overcome the deniers and take actions to address and mitigate climate change.

I'll tell you one place you will not find a re-posting of that UN report, or the world body's earlier findings, or any prescription for bold action on an official web site in a state where climate-dependent industries, like agriculture, tourism and food-processing define its history and keep the economy afloat:

The Wisconsin DNR's climate change web page, which contains only one paragraph, offers a single off-site link and has not been updated since June 18, 2012.

I have noted previously this official disinterest by pointing out that earlier links and information were deleted from DNR climate change web pages after Scott Walker intentionally put a "chamber of commerce mentality" and other industry figures in charge of the agency.

Though a DNR climate change web page for teachers and kids does have more links and information - - though some of the sample lesson plans for kids pretty much give cars and commuting a pollution pass. Check out what's missing from section:

Human sources of air pollution . . . . . .
EXAMPLES: buses, tractors, gas stations, trash burning, sewage treatment plants, bakeries.
Air pollution from human sources tends to concentrate in urban areas where people live and work. Many of these pollutants come from the burning of coal, wood, oil and other fuels for electricity, transportation, and heat. Carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide are the three main pollutants causing climate change. 
Bakeries? Damn you, polluting pastry!

Gas stations, but not the cars known to frequent them?

And buses, but not all those commuting cars idling in and out of Waukesha on I-94 every day. Must there always be a slap at transit from this administration? C'mon.
So will the newspaper follow-up with an equally strong demand for serious action by the State of Wisconsin and Governor Walker?

Will it call for a fundamental re-examination of Walker's fossil-fuel-friendly policies and spending - - as catalogued by one green business web site - - that have restricted work on renewable energy, transit and other programs designed to reduce greenhouse gas pollution emissions that are linked to climate change?

Will the Journal Sentinel editorial board re-examine its support for the Keystone XL tar sand crude oil pipeline, a separate Wisconsin tar sand crude oil pipeline expansion, and the energy-and-pollution intensive GTac iron ore open-pit mine?

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Max B. said...

And here I thought bakeries were only artery pollution.