Friday, April 18, 2014

Keystone XL Pipeline Review Continuing, Politico Reports

I've got no problem with this:

POLITICO Breaking News
Today at 12:13 PM
The Obama administration is extending its comment period on the Keystone XL pipeline, citing continuing litigation over a Nebraska court decision that threw part of the project's route in doubt, two sources said today after a call between the State Department and congressional staff.

If this postpones the decision until after the November election, it would spare President Barack Obama a politically wrenching decision on whether to approve the pipeline, angering his green base and environmentally minded campaign donors - or reject it, endangering pro-pipeline Democrats such as Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu.

But it will also inspire renewed complaints from Republicans that Obama is politicizing and dragging out an energy project that has already waited more than five years for approval.

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Anonymous said...

Obama is politicizing and dragging out….

Can't we just call it "Walkering" the issue?

Anonymous said...

At least Obama has done something to get folks health care. 8 million I believe is the number.

Unlike Walker who has left 70,000 low income Wisconsin citizens WITHOUT health care ON PURPOSE!