Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Glenn Grothman, Tea/Carpet Bagger

I'd missed the fact that GOP State Senator and small government devotee Glenn Grothman doesn't live in the Congressional district he wants to be paid $174,000 Big Government big bucks a year to represent.

From The Journal Sentinel:

Grothman, the Senate assistant majority leader and a non-practicing attorney who lives just outside the district in West Bend, said he plans to move to Campbellsport in Fond du Lac County.


Anonymous said...

Is he going to take him mom with him?

A. Wag said...

GG is a non-practicing human.

Betsey said...

Tea/Carpet Bagger--that's a good one!

Ralph said...

And Queen Hillary didn't reside in New York before she ran for Senator, or Tom Barrett before he ran for mayor. Me thinks thou does protest too much.

PS. Both also non-practicing lawyers.

Boxer said...

Glen Grothman isn't worthy enough to lick Hillary's shoe--unless the shoe is made of lizard skin. In that case, Grothman would have licked the lizard first.