Thursday, April 10, 2014

Walker Not A Role Model, By Degrees

Gov. Walker says he's interested in getting that B.A. degree he walked away from 24 years ago at Marquette for reasons never adequately explained.

Not to get that label "dropout" or "slacker" off his resume for 2016, mind you - - look at how "quitter" hurt and continues to dog Sarah Palin - -  but to be a role model to others.

If setting a good example to others is now part of Walker's persona, how's about he starts with speaking truthfully, since by Politifact findings, Walker has only 10 "True" vetted statements among 93 examined.

And 34 statements rated "False" or worse, "Pants on Fire."

How inspirational is that?

Saying his interest in getting a degree - - without returning to school for regular classes, papers, and other academic obligations - - is unrelated to his political aspirations does nothing to enhance Walker's straight talk deficit.


Anonymous said...

"straight talk deficit"

That's a good line.

Mary Burke should run with it. Oh, wait ... never mind.

Anonymous said...

He is not going to invest the time. He'll simply have his buddies in the legislator write a "well crafted" law (i.e. mining law) written to grant him credits for his ' "political leadership" skills (yet another lie). In fact he will skip the B.S. / B.A. and go straight to the PhD. by the decree route.

Boxer said...

@Gov. Cheesebag: Please don't devalue our University of Wisconsin degrees any more than they already are by helping yourself to one.

And PS: If you wanted your lie about wanting to get your degree to set a good example, it would be more credible if you mentioned your own two sons. Or are they just props to be trotted out when needed, say, as in serving meals to the homeless or washing pre-washed dishes?