Monday, April 14, 2014

Consider Waukesha's Waste Water Discharge Plan In Light Of Flood Risk

As the Root River and other Wisconsin waterways approach flood stage, you might want to ask whether Waukesha's plan to send an extra few million gallons of diverted water back to Lake Michigan every day is really a good plan.

■ The Root River at Franklin was at 6.6 feet early Monday, approaching its flood stage of 8 feet. Minor flooding is expected, with the river rising to about 8.5 feet by Monday evening.
Waukesha's current plan proposes a discharge point in Franklin.

The Root River, which empties into Lake Michigan in Racine, has a history of flooding, noted here.

State Rep. Cory Mason, (D-Racine), among others, has strongly opposed Waukesha's use of the Root River as a waste water discharge conduit.

'Racine Is Not Waukesha's toilet," Mason has said.


Anonymous said...

Considering how Republicans, especially the extremist variety common in Waukesha, view conservation, environmentalism and sustainable living akin to Communism, I don't think they have a clue how to solve their water problem.

Anonymous said...

Solving the water problem is simple. We'll get the water from Oak Creek and then we will see, who gets the last laugh.

Please watch the growth and development while your city continues to crumble away. Perhaps your Mayor can then learn a thing or two about regional cooperation and growth.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8AM

You're clueless.

The application hasn't left the DNR in 4 years.

That's worth repeating.

The application hasn't left the DNR in 4 years.

One of the reasons it won't leave the DNR is the lack of justification for a diversion exception. You state the real reason for the request: "Please watch the growth and development..." The compact requires Waukesha to justify it's request. Growth and development isn't the same as no other source.

3 million dollars, 4 years, 2 mayors, 2 city administrators, 2 city attorneys, half of the aldermen, 2 governors, 2 Water Utility commissioner chairs, a completely different application submission, on and on and on.

Whose laughing - really.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

We'll get the water from Oak Creek

Oak Creek can unilaterally approve a water diversion? That will come as quite a surprise to the member states and countries of the Great Lakes Compact.

Ralph said...

No, Racine is not Waukesha's toilet. It is Milwaukee's toilet. And it is every other municipalities toilet that keeps dumping it's untreated sewage into Lake Michigan.

Although Racine doesn't seem to care about that.

b said...

Ralph, it's all about changing the subject with you. If you had a real argument, you'd have made it by now. The post was about Waukesha's discharge plan in the context of recent flooding. The comments are about that and the Waukesha application's lack of progress. Try to keep up.

Boxer said...

Sorry. b = Boxer

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:48,

Yes, you will see. It will be released soon and the Governor's will have to accept it or risk having the compact fall apart when Wisconsin pulls out of it.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1:06

Give us a date. Please.

It's going to be released someday, month, year - get the idea? We've been hearing this same bull crap since it was called the model application when Mayor Larry Nelson and the Waukesha Common Council rushed it through before the next mayor was sworn in.

Now you, with all your clout, are threatening the Governors of 7 other states with a - or else!- threat? The compact is a legal and binding document between 8 states. Who's going to defend this one for almighty Waukesha, the new Mayor, the new city attorney? Waukesha will be told to pick-up it's ball and go home at every level of the super expensive lawsuit.

Boxer said...

@Anony at 8:06 pm:

You are so right. And the "model" or "high bar" (remember that one?) application is not and never was. For the last decade, it's been about doing the bare minimum, redefining terms, [mis]interpreting the Compact (in its favor, of course) and bullying other communities, citizens and elected officials into doing its bidding. Blame Nelson, Duchniak, (the skipped-off-to-Florida) Warren, the lemmingesque Common Council (yes, some aldermen have turned over, but the existing alderbots always manage to indoctrinate the new guys before any critical thinking has the opportunity to take hold), the County government whose hands and fingers are in all of the pies, the Waukesha County Chamber who giddily embraced the idea that the County needs water to "grow", despite that concept never appearing in the Compact - EVER, and and the engineering-industrial complex at Ruekert and Mielke and their wholly-owned subsidiary, SEWRPC. A lot of folks and forces really want this diversion. None of whom actually plan to be in line to pay for it.