Monday, April 28, 2014

Oh, Brother, Grothman. Again?

The latest Journal Sentinel poll could turn ugly:

State Sen. Glenn Grothman says he will introduce legislation aimed at ending affirmative action in Wisconsin. Good idea?

Yes (51%)
No (49%)
Total Responses: 452


Anonymous said...

Affirmative action policies perpetuate the idea that races are different. They reinforce the fallacy that minorities are lesser than whites and the only reason they need this non-white person here is to fulfill a quota, a statistic, a photo of a diverse student body in an ad.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Spare us your white suburb-boy victimization complex. By the way, check out these numbers from UW-Madison, just out today.

71% of white applicants admitted for Fall 2013.
68% for minority applicants
62% for African-American applicants.

They're not just letting anybody in the door, regardless of what the whiny talk show host is trying to tell you. And given the absurd disparity of opportunities and outcomes that happen in Wisconsin, we are the LAST place that shouldn't be considering "other factors" when it comes to hiring and admitting students.

Stop whining and do better.

Anonymous said...

What has affirmative action done for Milwaukee?

Anonymous said...

Affirmative action policies insure that everyone has a fair chance at job whether or not the person hiring has a bias.

Pops said...

Keep 'em fighting among themselves and blaming each other so they don't notice how we are screwing them over in every way possible. "Divide and conquer" Scottie the Walker (Wisconsin pedestrian thinker)

Anonymous said...

Those numbers are awesome. Clearly, we no longer can justify affirmative action as a pollicy. Thanks!