Friday, April 4, 2014

Props To Retiring State Rep. Sandy Pasch

Democratic State Rep. Sandy Pasch is not running for re-election.

What a trouper. She knocked on our Milwaukee door campaigning on crutches after a bad fall on the ice during her first campaign in '07-08. Broken bones and a really cold winter did not stop her doing doors. I admired her for that. She set an inspirational standard for candidates across the city.

Maybe it was easier or at least more tolerable than maneuvering for good legislation around the likes of Jeff Fitzgerald and Robin Vos and Bill Kramer and the other GOP  'powers' who've been running the Wisconsin Assembly these last few years, suppressing bi-partisanship and good ideas and suffocating open government in the State Capitol.    

Pasch has a nursing background, two master's degrees and tremendous dedication to Wisconsin residents in need: It's a great resume and presence that state government - - for the people - - will miss.


Anonymous said...

Certainly can't blame her for leaving as it can be absolutely no fun to know what Wisconsin and its citizens need but have no chance of getting it with a legislature dominated by an ideology that capitalism is first and foremost and people come last. With all these good commonsense and educated people leaving it look like Charles and David Koch have succeeded in buying the state of Wisconsin as their own personal toy to experiment and do with as they wish. Money not only talks it buys elections, governments and entire states. If we've thought we've seen corruption with Walker to date ....we probably haven't seen anything yet. When the Koch's own the Governor, Legislature and Supreme Court 99% of us are doomed to watching our once proud State sink into the abyss!

Boxer said...

The loss of Pasch, our only nurse-legislator with compassion**, will be great.

**No comparison to Nurse Ratchet, Leah "ALEC" Vukmir.