Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Glenn Grothman Elevates Race-Baiting Into Legislation

The Tea Party state legislator, voting suppressor and overall Legislative trouble-maker announces new WI legislation against affirmative action just after declaring for a Congressional campaign. 


He doesn't even live in the district he feels needs his representation.

And I am sure he has not seen or would not care to know the facts - - that data show Wisconsin already the worst state in the nation for African-American youth.

His answer: let's close off more educational opportunities.

File #opportunismunequaled.


Anonymous said...

It's time we get on with the King dream.

MadCityVoter said...

That would be the dream where the rich and politically powerful declare that racism is dead so they won't have to be bothered by all those pesky victims of racism, or abide by those pesky rules that keep them from doing whatever they darn well please and disproportionately favoring whomever they darn well like?

If so, I hope MLK haunts you in your sleep. It would be only just.

Anonymous said...

MLK never dreamed of government protection by reverse discrimination based solely on skin color.

I'm not rich or powerful and I pray for the King dream to happen and bigotry won't stop me or influence me. Now I'm going to pray for you.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Someone clearly has not read MLK's discussions on economic injustice, which he realized was every bit the important fight as gaining equality in the vote and at the lunch counter.

And given that we live in the state that was just voted the worst state for black people in the country, I would suggest you stop praying and start reading. And maybe you'll stop being such a lame cop-out artist.

Anonymous said...

You must be talking about the article in Cap Times Times, Jake.

Yes, Madison does have it's problems.