Thursday, April 17, 2014

In Wisconsin, Dodge Is More Than A Minivan

*  Walker dodges question of whether he needs degree

*  Scott Walker Continues To Dodge Questions On Emails

*  Scott Walker declines to commit to four-year Wisconsin term

Asked Wednesday after speaking to the Wisconsin Hospital Association if he would commit to serving a full second term, Walker dodged the question.


Walker dodged question about whether his new book, Unintimidated: A Governor's Story and a Nation's Challenge, meant he would be running for president in 2016.
*  Walker’s Back Alley Proclamation
Last November Scott Walker avoided several direct questions about his support for Wisconsin Right to Life policy agenda with a statement about how his administration has turned the state budget around and added, “I think people want us to focus on creating more freedom and prosperity for people in the state.” At a press conference rolling out the 2012 Wisconsin Homeland Security Report, Walker artfully dodged this and all other questions not corresponding to his five point message on the budget.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Walker should move the capitol to Dodge County.

Anonymous said...

just don't re-elect him and make him a Dodge Omni-present.

James Rowen said...

Some real Darts in these comments.