Friday, April 4, 2014

Grothmanites Gather, Blather

One GOP Congressional District caucus - - The Grothmanites - - where he would be the new Congressman  - - heart secession.
Look away, look away, look away Dairyland.

New 6th District GOP caucus logo:
File:Photo of two wingnuts.jpg


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Anonymous said...

Yes, the wing nut right in the 6th C.D. would be a lot happier if Wisconsin would be North Alabama.
Then again, maybe it's also another Freedonia, with Glenn playing the part of Rufus T. Firefly.
Grothman is not a resident of the 6th C.D., but details made little difference to Mr. Firefly.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. There are wingnuts up here, but not that many. Most people are socially conservative, but not nutty about it. If people actually vote, especially young people, an opposition candidate could beat Grothman with much more ease than beating Petri. Or maybe Petri will drop out. I suspect they were thinking about a successor by the way they redrew the lines of the 6th. Probably not for Grothman, but maybe for someone else they have in mind. Petri has been in a long time, and lays low, and is moderate, but mostly acquiescent lately to the Repubs. He has quite a following, and hold town hall meetings all the time, and tells you what you want to hear. Nice guy. Seems to think about what he is hearing from constitutents, but always a gentleman. Remember we had Kagen before Rieble for one term up here. We had Jessica King win in a recall (and then lose to a tea party/school privatizer who no one really knew, with alot of third party nasty money against Jess) by only 500 votes. The district includes Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, with some dem support. Peg Lautenschlager did very well against Petri in 1992, with 47% of the vote. The district was more Republican then than it now is.

Gareth said...

Somehow this seemed an appropriate topic for a post about Grothman.

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