Sunday, April 13, 2014

Statewide Meetings Monday Sole Place To Oppose WI Swan Hunt

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress, a statewide DNR advisory organization in which hunters often carry the day, holds its annual statewide meetings in all counties Monday night, and the proposed Tundra swan hunt I wrote about in February is on the agenda.
(Information here about the Tundra Swan, also known as the Bewick's or Whistling Swan.)

Photo: Tundra swan swimming in water
Photo by Bates Littlehales

These WCC meetings are open to all citizens.

Here is a link to the 4/14 common agenda and all meeting sites.

Note also that on the agenda, among a long list, is an item about allowing hounders to retrieve a hunting dog on private property without the landowner's permission.

People who use the Wisconsin outdoors to hike, bike, and otherwise enjoy the land without shooting anything should step up and take an active role helping set state recreational policy.

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