Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Despite Real World Data, WisDOT Rolls Out North Shore Nightmare

Americans are driving less and taking transit more often, according to recent data reported in The New York Times and also in USA Today.

And I'm sure you've heard that Wisconsin is in a transportation (read:highway financing) crisis.

That came from the top guy WisDOt Walkerite himself.

The solution?

Add more lanes and spend more money.

The Wisconsin Political/Road-Builders Complex, managed and funded with taxpayer dollars at the same WisDOT in line for a new $200 million palace on Madison's west side, is forging ahead with a $450 million transit-free budget-busting binge and without the financing in hand to add lanes and exists to a segment of Southeastern Wisconsin free[Sic]ways.

The same WisDOT that rolled over rural and suburban citizens along the State Highway J/164 corridor in Washington and Waukesha Counties and spent millions of public dollars expanding a road with unsafe, higher speed limits until a Federal judge said no more.

I noted and predicted this impending fiscal and landscape FUBAR the other day - - so let's call it the I-43 Northshore Nightmare - - years of artificially-created, orange-barrelled congestion, diverted traffic on side streets, lots of added noise and dust pollution - - to move traffic, and phantom motorists, too.

WisDOT says it's the only option that will work.

That's about as surprising as KFC saying the only solution to American obesity is eating more Double-Downs.