Thursday, April 17, 2014

On Earth Day 2014, WI Activists Must Unite Against Iron Mine

All Wisconsin environmental, land use and social justice groups have agendas, practices and beliefs that are offended by the massive open-pit iron ore mine proposed upstream from the Bad River Ojibwe Band's land, watershed and rice-growing estuaries in NW Wisconsin right at Lake Superior.

Every group and person of good will in Wisconsin can incorporate their opposition to this mine in their April 22nd Earth Day 2014 programs, statements and actions.

Preliminary sample drilling and regulatory work is already underway following special interest legislation that was written with and for the mining company at the expense of the environment and existing Wisconsin law.

Let's hope communities of concern in this state can speak with one voice on this all-encompassing issue.

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clyde said...

Thank you, James.
Now is the right time, and this is the right cause for solidarity and for action.