Monday, April 21, 2014

Definitely Withdraw Michelle Obama As KS Graduation Speaker

Just because she's the First Lady of the United States of America is hardly a reason to let her give the commencement speech at a group graduation of five Topeka, Kansas-area high schools.

In fact, she's the most-inappropriate person to be invited, what with talk of secession in the air in Kansas after her Kenyan-born husband's illegal re-election in 2012.

Just because Kansas' unconstitutionally-segregated schools led to the historic 1954 Brown v. Board of Education school integration Supreme Court decision, and Mrs. Obama's selection is tied to the 60th anniversary of that unanimous decision doesn't mean Topeka should celebrate it with an obvious display of reverse discrimination.

Besides, you know she'll make the graduates and their families eat broccoli and buy an Obamacare insurance plan as the price of admission to the hall.

Some parents say the issue has nothing to do with race, or the Obamas' politics, but rather that her popularity could overshadow the graduates on their special day.

Or lead to a run on tickets.

So couldn't Topeka and Kansas get back to the good old days and find a boring old white guy with a generic message to make the event quickly forgettable?


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

well, THAT was a pretty impressive deployment of snark.

Alois said...

I thought Kansas had already seceded from the union and that Sam Brownback had appointed himself "Emperor For Life." That's what got Glenn Grothman and Scott Walker all a-dither about Wisconsin following in Kansas' footsteps and returning to the antebellum nineteenth century.