Friday, April 11, 2014

Two Ways Glenn Grothman Just Disqualified Himself From Petri's US House Seat

First, he was at the now infamous Inn on the Park bar meeting where GOP State Sen. President Mike Ellis was recorded discussing an illegal fund-raising scheme.

Second, he offers this excuse about why he should be not be Ellis' collateral damage: 

In an interview, Grothman acknowledged he is the one on the recording, but said he doesn’t remember the night in question or hearing about the Super PAC idea. He said it’s possible he was only there briefly.
“I’ve been at that bar so many times, I have no specific recollection,” Grothman said, referring to the bar at the Inn on the Park in Downtown Madison, where the audio was recorded.


Anonymous said...

If he has not recollection about this, can this be the forerunner of Reagan's "I don't remember" line he used so often when something was bad.

Gareth said...

It looks to me like Grothman set Ellis up so that O'Keefe could get the necessary footage. Having plunged the knife in Mike's back, he then receives the backing of Republican bosses to take over Petri's seat in Congress. This is starting to remind me of Sicilian politics.

CJ said...

Reeks of set up to me too.

Sends a hell of a message to the rest of the Republican party doesn't it? Be afraid.

Nazi tactics. Everything for the 'good of the party'.

A. Wag said...

Glen Grothman, 60-year old virgin.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Grothman setting up Ellis is hero-stuff to the Wisconsin Tea Party. Ethical hypocrisy functions like muscle memory to these troglodytes.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Boss Vos there too? He reminds me of the Godfather.