Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Walker Restricts Voucher School Data Release, In Name Of "Transparency"

When you see Scott Walker haul out "transparency," it's a cue and clue to look further since something is likely being withheld, twisted or double-talked .

This time, it's his having crafted a budget that expands public, taxpayer support of private voucher schools but, through a budget veto action, directs state officials to withhold release of those schools' individual performance data until some later date at which all such schools' data is released.

Walker says he he created this procedure in the name of "transparency."

Governor blocks early release of performance records of individual schools
"I am partially vetoing this section because I object to the selective release of portions of student information, which erodes the goals of consistency and transparency related to data surrounding parental choice programs," Walker wrote in his veto message to lawmakers. 
Two other examples here of Walker's transparently obfuscatory uses of "transparency."

Spoiler alert: the performance of his much-troubled jobs' agency WEDC, which he chairs, and his County Executive tenure are involved.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

well, sure. He objects to making his favorite wealth-redistribution (upwards) programs transparently fraudulent failures.

Boxer said...

I don't know where to best place this comment, James, so it may as well go here, attached to your newest post:

I've been noticing how pleasant it's been on TPE since you muzzled Reagun's Disciple, but it has been quite civilized here without the nasty contributions frequently deposited on TPE's lawn by Rayguns, Jim, and Ron. (Funny that none of the 3 have commented recently. Are Jim and Ron on time-outs too, or are they staying away in a solidarity-like action? Solidarity is communism, you know.)

I suppose you'll have to let him back on sooner or later, but please don't ruin our 4th of July by a sudden, patriotic urge to let all men be free.

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Your prison bars are the standards for our freedom flag, Rayguns.

James Rowen said...

@ Boxer. Thanks. I know a comment fromRon R. has been posted recently. As to RD: We'll see.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

As long as you keep posting on racism, I can't see RD making it back in.

In any case, I echo Boxer. Much as I like to taunt RD, this setup makes it easier to comment on topic and not get into the troll-weeds