Friday, July 12, 2013

One-Sided WI Legal Actions Presage One-Sided Mining Permit Process

We know that the iron mining company president who grabbed a cell phone out of a mine opponent's hand will not be charged, nor has the company, to date, been charged with violating Wisconsin laws prohibiting the use of unlicensed guards.

We also know that a protester who took a mining company's cellphone has been charged with felony theft - - the only kind of incident at the mining sites that Gov .Walker condemned in what appeared to be a company-drafted statement Friday pledging that "the laws of Wisconsin will be upheld."

Well, some laws.

Because some people's rights in Wisconsin are more equal than others'.

A pattern set in the first days of Walker's tenure, and implemented in the one-sided writing of the mining bill.

The message: the Governor and other state officials will side with the company, and it can act with impunity and immunity.

And we are to believe that the mine permitting process will be any more open, fair, balanced?

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