Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DNR Wants Greater Information From GTAC About Samples' Mining Plan

(updated, 6 p.m.) The agency is asking for additional, detailed information about multiple air and water issues following the company's submission to the DNR of plans to mine ore samples.

The sample plan is preliminary to later efforts to open a large open-pit mine in Northern Wisconsin.

Among the potential items not addressed to the DNR's satisfaction in the sample plan submitted by the company: Blasting, rock removal procedures, wetlands protections and asbestos release.

More, here.

Earlier media coverage, here.


Anonymous said...

The mining company , Tiffany and the rest of the gang must be having a hissy fit. They wrote that bill like the mining company could do anything. Surprise!

Anonymous said...

I just read the whole thing. Is Stepp on vacation or what. This guy is good. This letter has got to surprise the mining company big time. Weren't they expecting a rubber stamp James.

Anonymous said...

If this continues, heads will roll at the DNR. Cathy Stepp and Scott Walker will not allow anything to get in the way of this mine. Rest assured, "overzealous" DNR employees will be "reassigned" and the books will be cooked to make this mine look like a good thing. I say this as someone who is not opposed to mining per se and possibly not even opposed to this particular mine. What's clear is that this process has been rigged to suit the mining company's whims by legislators and a governor the mining interests have bought and paid for. It is corruption clear to the bone.