Monday, July 8, 2013

Canadian Media Says Waukesha Diversion Plan "Raising Alarms"

Since Canada plays a key advisory role in vetting applications for Great Lakes diversions, you may want to read this  \very complete account of the issues- - including linkage of diversions to climate change science and reality, here:

In the grander scheme, that makes it a test case for North America’s coming climate travails, riveting attention on just how precious these five lakes, which together comprise 20 per cent of the world’s freshwater, really are. 
To put it simply, Canada opposes transferring water from one watershed to another. Saying yes to Waukesha is one thing, but who asks next? Las Vegas? 
It’s the precedent that has Canadian officials watching closely, a point Canadian Ambassador Gary Doer made in March during a visit to Milwaukee.
The Canadian role and perspective has been a topic on this blog before.

One example, here:

TUESDAY, JULY 24, 2012

Waukesha Water Issue Has Broader Audience Than Us Locals 


Anonymous said...

But IL is pulling water outside the watershed - No?

James Rowen said...

Yes. And the US Supreme Court validated it; Wisconsin brought the challenge and lost.