Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Waiting For WI Mainstream Media On GOP's Omnibus Voting Suppression Bill

Word leaked out Friday about GOP State Rep. Jeff Stone's bill as the holiday weekend began. One Wisconsin Now found it - - I saw the group's press release and posted a link to it - - but so far this morning I did not see more coverage.

It's a sweeping plan to jury-rig election registrations, calendars, and other state statutes - - including referenda and recall provisions - - to advantage incumbent Republicans and make permanent Walker's slash-and-burn, anti-urban, 'sell it off' government.

This is nothing short of an emergency.


Anonymous said...

it would help if someone could explain more details...

James Rowen said...

I posted a link to the bill, which is very detailed. Here is another link:

Anonymous said...

james -- ya just don't get it...

the media that has propped up everything else walker created this monster.

It isn't about waiting -- its about calling out the dysfunctional propaganda network and the very lie of objective journalism.

And calling out won't change things either, but it would be an honest dialog that focus on the problem instead of self-promotion and chest-thumping.

It will take meaningful action -- economic boycotts -- to bring any change. Much of the rightwing noise machine is vulnerable right now -- the public doesn't trust them and doesn't buy their papers.

It would be appropriate (and it will be necessary) to hold advertisers that prop up the mighty wurlitzer responsible for the lies and divide-and-conquer politics they underwrite.

But some rather play an expert on the internet, annoint themselves everything blue, and actually do no more than keep a meaningful dialog off the table.