Thursday, May 16, 2013

Massive Transit-Free WisDOT Plan Will Carve Up Milwaukee's West Side

Gretchen Schuldt reveals the details of WisDOT's double-decked, billion-dollar plus concrete invasion of Milwaukee west side and Story Hill neighborhoods where veterans' graves and two additional cemeteries will be disrupted:

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is expected to pursue an I-94 east-west freeway expansion project that would cost up to $1.2 billion and include six additional lanes of concrete in many places; double-decking through west side cemeteries; additional elevated, overlapping lanes east and west of the double-decked section; and absolutely no transit.
The plan seems to collide with a federal judge's inclination on highway-expansion that ignores transit and its users' needs.

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Anonymous said...

Another lawsuit in the works. Why is tunneling not an portion now. Since when does cost come into play in the Walker world concrete jungles.

Build baby build - right Walker. Now do it out of sight but with transit in mind.