Thursday, May 16, 2013

GOP Legislators Destroying State Stewardship Program To Save It

Cut, cut, cut, and mislead about their purportedly fiscal reasons.

Just like they did in Walker's first budget, GOP legislators again slash the bi-partisan and popular Knowles-Nelson Stewardship land ownership and public access program.

And...this time order the DNR to begin selling land already in the public domain.

This is your/our open space, Wisconsin.

One veteran state business leader is baffled.

But the reasons are not too hard to figure out. The administration and the Joint Finance Committee are deeply in the deep pockets of real estate, forestry and other special interests.

And they will all do the same in the Penokee Hills with your/our water, too.

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James Congdon said...

It has been the goal of the Republican Party to block purchase of lands for public use virtually since its inception. Now that they have control of the legislature and the governor's office it is their chance to accomplish that goal. The Stewardship Program has purchased remaining parcels of unique ecosystems for protection in perpetuity and thousands of acres of recreational lands for all to enjoy. The philosophy has been to purchase these special places while they are available, because once they are in developers hands they will never be available again. Now they have the excuse of austerity and reduced government to justify the destruction of a great program that provides lands for the people of Wisconsin to use and enjoy, not just the rich and special interests looking for financial gains and own private kingdom. The only answer is to vote out the Republican Party. I would rather maintain the Stewardship Program then have an $80 tax refund. This is travesty.