Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another WI GOP Attack On Local Control Will Encourage Erosion At Construction Sites

Special interests continue to manipulate the Legislature's budget-writing committee: this fresh example, reported by the State Journal, would prevent a locality from passing ordinances tougher than state standards that prevent runoff from construction sites.

The state would also centralize state enforcement action under the DNR.

Confidence builder?

And these actions represent the remaking of the public interest into perks and privileges for well-connected insiders that reflect the GOP's 12-4 budget committee majority, control of both legislative houses and the Governor's office, too..


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

especially ridiculous when the State building code continues to allow local communities to enact stricter sprinkler codes than the State requires.

But, of course, there was an active lobby working for the sprinkler contractors, so it's entirely different, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Commerce did a shitty job with this. Unfortunately, DNR won't get new staff. This will lead to more streamlining of permits and the downward spiral continues.