Thursday, May 9, 2013

Low Blows High On Walker, GOP Agenda

Walker and his GOP legislative allies like the cheap shot.

*  On public union organizing - - Walker withheld his union-rights' stripping scheme during the 2010 election, then "dropped the bomb" on public employees and their home budgets.

*  On mining legislation - - the Bad River Band, the people most effected, were cut out of the bill-writing, with the consequences to their land, water and lifestyle a literal dropped bomb.

*  On Milwaukee's internal streetcar planning - - with federal funding and a civil rights transit development settlement agreement in the bank - - state legislation is being introduced with Walker enthusiasm to kill the project while state-paid highway construction by the billions of dollars continues to deliver people to and from the suburbs even faster.

*  On health-care expansion for the state's poor: With federal funding available, Walker rejected the money.

* And Walker budget cuts endorsed by GOP legislators closed four Planned Parenthood health-care clinics out-state this year, though no state funding went to abortion services.

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