Monday, May 13, 2013

Harmful Gases Cross Major Atmospheric Threshold - - Wisc. DNR Information In Neutral

Greenhouse gas levels have reached an historic level, but what's the reaction at Wisconsin's DNR?


Its webpage on Climate Change and the Great Lakes hasn't been updated since 2/27/2012.

Its webpage linking to a UW climate change initiative hasn't been updated since 6/18/2012.

And these soft or dated items are the the first three that pop up if you type "Global warming" into the DNR website search box:

*  EEK! -Global Warming is Hot Stuff!
... Home Page, . Global Warming is Hot Stuff! ... Global warming:
It is more than just a game of up-and-down on a thermometer. ... - 20k

*  [PDF] Introduction
... “The scope and consequences of global warming are so massive that the responsibility for action rests not only with our leaders in Washington, but ... - 54k - 2009-01-28
[ More results from ]

*  Warming trends -- Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine ...
A special section about what global climate change could mean for Wisconsin. By Kelly Mella and Julia Barrett. April 2000 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine. - 30k


Clementine said...

Don't tell me, let me guess: the copy "EEK! -Global Warming is Hot Stuff!" was written by Cathi Stepp herself to further cute-n up the DNR. Maximum cuteness! Holla!

Ron R said...

Because all of these green-house gases come from Wisconsin and are therefore the responsibility of the DNR?

James Rowen said...

To Ron R. - - Could the DNR help raise awareness, offer information?