Sunday, May 19, 2013

Scott Walker To Iowa, And Not A Moment Too Soon

Walker is traveling to Iowa and says that he will "do other surrounding states."

The verb aside...Iowans would do well to study up on Walker, and there is a lot for Walker to learn in Iowa and the surrounding states - - where better job creation than our state's 44th-in-the nation/last in the Midwest is taking place, as the State Journal recently illustrated.

Maybe Walker will see Iowa's ubiquitous wind turbines and stop blocking investors in Wisconsin from building them.

Hey! Just look out the window
One guy's company has spoken for 258 of them. I wonder if he knows anything about business?
SWT-2.3-82 Wind turbine. Photo: Siemens


Anonymous said...

Iowa picked Michele Bachmann last time. Now there are credible reports that the FBI is interviewing her former campaign workers. Add in a lawsuit, and the nationwide publicity of her fabulous Marcus going down on a corn dog in public and Iowa might sink Scotty Doe too.

Betsy said...

My hope is that Walker behaves like a candidate and causes some journalist to take a look and expose the man and his crooked life. Surely the man from Marquette must meet his Waterloo! Iowa (at least the newsy response to a campaign) sank my favorite candidate: Howard Dean.

Gareth said...

Chris Christie is a much better a politician than Walker, exhibiting a real human personality for instance. Scotty will be relegated to out-crazying Ted Cruz in order to place or show in Iowa. This is almost impossible to do. As Wisconsin school districts close down, he won't be able to run as the edumacation candidate and it will be difficult to give our policy induced economic implosion a positive spin: "My state is number fifty and I built it"?

Reagan's Discple said...

@ Gareth,

Please let me know when the first school district closes down because of Walker.