Sunday, May 19, 2013

Additional WisDOT Highway Boondoggle On The Books

I'd posted information about this last year, but Wisconsin Gazette has gone back to it and I am happy to put this up.

Written by Louis Weisberg
WEB_-_highwayThe Legislature is pushing a $128-million project to widen Highway 23, a little-used road that winds through farmland between Sheboygan and Fond du Lac. The project has been held up in court by challenges from 1000 Friends of Wisconsin, which objects to the waste of taxpayer dollars and the environmental damage the project would cause. To build the project, the state would have to pay $60,000 for each acre of land purchased, because some of the land includes buildings. Land in the area normally sells for $10,000 per acre. While lawmakers favor this project, they claim the state is so broke that it must reduce public transit funding by $10 million.


DeeRadcliffe said...

I have always enjoyed the drive from FdL to Sheboygan, and it goes to four lanes about half way there. That's the worst part of the drive.

Major waste of taxpayer money, and I will bet that CD Smith gets the contract if it ever happens. Major contributor here, hangs campaign signs from their cranes.

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely drive except for the part that is four lane. A bike trail runs along the edge of parts of it, and it is a serene country drive. I have opposed this project for years. Can it still be stopped?

Ron R said...

I don't remember the cost per acre being a concern on the Milwaukee to Madistan train. Probably noone thought that far ahead.

Anonymous said...

" I don't remember the cost per acre"

What acres? The train's right of way is already in place.