Friday, May 31, 2013

State To Waste Bazillions On New WisDOT Shrine; Hill Farms Site Tops Fire Sale List

Any investigative reporter worth his or her salt will watch carefully who 'wins' the choice Hill Farms site on Madison's prosperous West Side once WisDOT is moved out to its unneeded, but oh, so illustrative new digs.

Small government for everyone except you and your big projects, Road-building/Government Complex.

Remember, Walker is about to get the right to sell any state asset to the bidder of his choice - - without competitive, public bids - - needing only a deferential thumbs-up from obeisant Joint Finance Committee majority.


Gareth said...

I worked in Hill Farms for eleven years. The building itself is a tear-down, but the property is incredibly valuable as a development site. Some lucky, well-connected Republican will win the lottery on this one. My money is on someone with the last name of Hovde.

Anonymous said...

The current building isn't very functional and getting rid of the large parking lot and it's runoff is a good idea. I doubt the building will be delux but I am sure that some crony will make a nice profit. I can't help but remember construction of the DOA building or Klaus Haus. Thompson built it and Doyle wanted to sell it.

Anonymous said...

I thought they were building the new one in the parking lot of the old one? If not where's it going?

Anonymous said...

The plan is to build the new building in the parking along with a parking ramp rather than the huge parking lot that is there now. There would be property to sell off. Too bad it can't be turned into some sort of green space because that area needs it.