Wednesday, May 29, 2013

On The Walker Beat, Truth In Reporting

Scott Walker praised for 'Alabama Values.'

By the Alabama GOP.

Hat tip, Steven Elbow at the Cap Times.


Anonymous said...

Sounds about right. Alabama's where a county went bankrupt byh mishandling the financing of an upgraded sewer system. And Walker's Wisconsin's a state where increasing numbers of water systems are unsafe for drinking, especially by infants.

"Don't drink the water" is definitely an Alabama and Wisconsin value. Walker should visit India to see where that kind of attitude goes.

Anonymous said...

This is meaningless. It's typical vague political speech like saying "freedom". What's an Alabama value, do you go by statistics of the values of the powerful in that state? or do the un-asked, silent regular people living in shacks have values too? There's no way to know what an Alabama value is. The only image you conjure here is insulting prejudice of everyone in Alabama. In order to insult Scott Walker the people of Alabama have to be portrayed as morons first.
And, this whole thing is an exercise in non-intellect. Non-critical reading. Why do that? For example if you ask a Republican what an American value is, what will they answer? how about a Democrat? how about a university professor? a farmer? how about if you ask a Taliban leader or a Russian or a Somali or certainly a Frenchman what an "American Value" is? will the answers be the same?
It's all crap. Everyone knows it. It's like saying "and here's Bob's lovely wife", she may not be lovely in the least, people just say crap and other people applaud. Noise that robs meaning of life and mocks the human ability for language. It's like asking "How are you today" the understood rule is no one gives a fark. I was in a library once and an old guy next to me actually had the audacity to answer some other old guy in detail how he really was. It was a really depressing angst-filled story. It was true and deserved a humane reaction, but no. The person asking "how are you" was stunned, and annoyed, he didn't want to hear that. That's not how the game is played. He just wanted to go thru motions like a machine.
This politician probably slept thru his entire own Alabama Value yammering, Walker did too, mouths kept moving and hands waving as brains went into full REM states. Even now, as anyone reads my comment here, check yourself - see? you are asleep, you have been since sentence 2. Follow the rules, No Fark Shall Be Given. In fact, I try to write really long comments as often as possible. Most Americans are sleep deprived, they all deserve as many micro-naps as possible. So I do what I can. And obviously napping is an Alabama Value. We all know what Alabama is like and by god they nap like it's 1999. Proven fact. You read it here first.