Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oklahoma Senators Opposed Storm Relief Funding, Programs

The policy-makers whose records on disaster relief should be ignored when speeding disaster relief to Oklahoma belong to its two US Senators:

Both of the state’s senators, Sen. James Inhofe (R) and Coburn, however, have long worked to undermine the Federal Emergency Management Agency, even though their state heavily relies on disaster aid: 
– In September 2011, Coburn offered an amendment to offset $6.9 billion in FEMA funding
– Coburn voted in 2011 against funding FEMA after it ran out of money, because, in his words, funding FEMA would have been “unconscionable.” Inhofe did not vote. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid fired back at Republicans blocking a bill for necessary funding to FEMA. 
– Inhofe proposed removing grants for storm shelter programs coordinating with FEMA, and instead provide individuals with tax breaks
– Coburn criticized items in Sandy disaster relief such as $12.9 billion for disaster mitigiation and $366 million for Amtrak as “wasteful spending.” 
– After Hurricane Sandy, Inhofe and Coburn voted against a bill for $50.5 billion in Hurrican Sandy disaster relief. 
– Coburn demanded that $5.25 billion in FEMA grant funds bereallocated because of sequestration in April 2013. 
Help their constituents, but disregard the failed leadership of their empathy-free Senators.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

What should be done is deploying FEMA and other federal aid as expeditiously as possible, with no strings such as the offsets to further impoverish safety net programs that Coburn wasted no time shouting into press microphones.

you know, like fellow citizens would.

Besides, he's an idiot. The bond market is so low that America can basically borrow money at negative interest rates, so rebuild even better than it was before.

enoughalready said...

Is it too much to hope that when the schools are rebuilt tornado shelters are included?

Anonymous said...

Senator Inhofe justified his vote against aiding Atlantic coast residents because the spending bill allegedly included other places also needful. Inhofe closed his brief comments with a declaration that Oklahoma will not spend any federal dollars in what he viewed as wasteful needs, as MSNBC cut away to President Obama (Tuesday morning, May 21). Sen. Inhofe slighted everyone else while excusing in advance freely spent federal dollars for the Soooner state.